Quran Read Pen (Word by Word Recitation) - Model PQ15

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Quran Read Pen model No. PQ15

(with Word-by-Word Recitation and Printing)New

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Feel the Experience of Reciting and Listening to the Holy Qur'an, Crystal Clear Audio Translations, Daily Azkaar & Du'aa, Hajj/Umrah Supplications and Hadeeth with a Portable Ergonomically Designed Qur'an Read Pen that supports Touch and Listen Technology and Word-by-Word Recitation

Touch, Listen and Learn. It's that Simple!

 New Quran Reader Pen Contains 20 Complete Beautiful Quran Recitations plus Quran Audio Translations in 26 Languages

Albanian Language Azerbaijan language Bosnian language Chinese English French German language Indonesian language Kurdish Malaysian Portugese Romanian russian language Spanish Tatar TurkishUrdu Uzbek Somalian language Tamil

(see images and videos below)

Very Intuitive, User Interactive and Easy to Use

Just Point at ANY Juz'/Para, Surah, Ayah/Verse or even a Word in the Nicely Printed Koran and the Audio Recording of that Part will Come out automatically from the Pen

Best Quality at Best Price

Full Demo

Moon Tech is Proud to Introduce Exclusively and for the First Time

World's First Self Learning Quran Teacher: Quran-PenTouch 

with Word-by-Word Telwaha and Color-coded Printing

After Great Success of the First and Second Versions, We're Pleased to Introduce Quran Touch Pen Ver. 3.0

Best Tool for Understanding, Reciting and Learning Holy Quran, Azkaar & Arabic Language

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The text of the Holy Quran is displayed in exactly the same style as the printed Uthmanic Quran version (Madina Mus-haf), making sure that each page has exactly 13 lines and that each line and page ends exactly on the same character as in the paper-printed Quran.

 Quran-PenTouch is the Best Gift for Every Muslim! 

Great Tool for Quran Memorization and Understanding (whether you memorize at home or at an Islamic/Hefz School)

- Easy Quran and Islam Teachings Learning

- Read and Listen to Quran Any Where Any Time

- No Computer Needed

- Helps in Quran Memorization (Standard Uthmanic Font) with Repeat Function

- Quran Translations, Full Hadith and Hajj & Umrah Islamic Library

- Eye Friendly (No Stress or Strain to Eyes)

Features and Contents:

Twenty (20) Beautiful Complete Quran Recitations:

Listen to the Holy Quran recitations in beautiful voices of World Famous Qaris/Reciters namely:

1. Rewayah (Narration): Hafs An Aasem تلاوات كاملة برواية حفص عن عاصم 

  • Sheikh Mohammad Siddeeq Al-Menshawi المنشاوي
  • Sheikh Mahmoud Khalil Al-Hossary with a child الحصري
  • Sheikh Abdul Basit Abdul Samadعبد الباسط عبد الصمد
  • Sheikh Abdul Rahman Al-Sudais السديس
  • Sheikh Sa'ad Al-Ghamidi الغامدي
  • Sheikh Mahir Al-Mua'yqali المعيقلي
  • Sheikh Mohammad Ayoub محمد ايوب
  • Sheikh Ali Abdur-Rahman Al-Hudhaifi الحذيفي
  • Sheikh Abdullah Ibn Ali Basfar باصفر
  • Sheikh Ibrahim Ahmed Mir Mohammadi إبراهيم مير
  • Sheikh Abu Bakr Al-Shateri الشاطري
  • Sheikh Ahmad Al-Ajmy العجمي
  • Sheikh Meshary bin Rashed Al-Afasy مشاري العفاسي
  • Sheikh Barqatullah Saleem (Arabic + Pashto)بركة الله سليم
  • Sheikh Salah bin Muhammad Al Budair البدير
  • Sheikh Salah Bakhatir باخاطر

2. Rewayah (Narration):  Qaloon An Nafe' :تلاوات كاملة برواية قالون عن نافع

  •  Sheikh Mohammad Al-Alim Al-Dokali الدوكالي

Quran Audio Translations in 26 Languages:

Enjoy listening to Audio Quran Translation in 26 famous World-Wide languages + Audio Arabic Tafseer Al-Jalalin (Word-by-Word) :

  • Azerbaijani
  • Bahasa/Indonesian
  • Bengali
  • Bosnian
  • Chinese
  • Dari
  • English
  • French
  • Farsi/Persian

  • Gujrati
  • German
  • Kazakh
  • Kurdish
  • Malayalam
  • Malaysian
  • Marathi
  • Pashto
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Somali
  • Tamil
  • Turkish
  • Urdu
  • Uyghur
  • Uzbek
  • Arabic (Tafseer Al-Jalalain)
  • تفسير الجلالين كاملا باللغة العربية



Four (4) Islamic Books with Audio:

Listen/Learn daily adhkaar, Arabic alphabets/letters/words, Qur'an Tajweed lessons, complete guide to Hajj and Umra with 4 very useful books that come with the Read Pen :

  • Saheeh Al-Bukhari in Audio (صحيح البخاري بالصوت)
  • Qaida Nooraneyyah in Audio (كتاب القاعدة النورانية بالصوت)
  • Al-Hajj and Umra Guide in Audio (دليل الحج و العمرة بالصوت)
  • Talking Dictionary with Multi-language in Audio (دليل المسافر بالصوت)
  • Muslim Fortress in Audio (كتاب حصن المسلم بالصوت)
  • Product Overview:

    The most attractive part of Quran ReadPen device is that it starts the Recitation from where you want; just point the device at any surah, page, ayah/verse or even a word (new feature) of the nice printed Holy Quran (included in the Gift Packing).

    IMPORTANT NOTE: More new Qaris recitations and languages are continuously added at this website for download:




    Quran Pen Package - Face OneGift-Package-Face2

    Watch a Live Demo of the Quran-PenTouch now 

    Part I - How It Works                   Part II - Package Contents


    Part III - Book of Qaida Noorania     Part IV - Other Islamic Books

    (Qaida Nooraneyyah, Sahih Bokhari, Hajj and Umrah and Talking Dictionary)


    Watch Full Demo for Quran Read Pen - PQ15

    Full Demo



    Quran Listening and Learning Features:  
    • Beautifull printed Holy Quran (Othmanic Style)
    • Point the Pen at any word, ayah, page or surah of your choice (only using the printed Quran included in the package) and start listening
    • Touch and Listen: one touch at the printed Quran is enough to play the audio (no need to keep the pen in connection with the paper) 
    • Option to store Other Qari/Reciter Audio, Dua, Adhan, Nasheed (File format: MP3) as optional in the pen via the USB cable
    • Ability to record your voice and replay it. A useful feature to compare student's recitation to Sheikh's recitation for better learning
    • Also include Audio Quran Tafseer in 26 languages and Arabic Tafisr Al-Jalalain
    • New: Use the pen to learn Arabic alphabet, how to pray/salah, daily adhkar/supplications, and selected surahs from Holy Quran (Learning Booklet: AlQaeda An-Nawraneya كتاب القاعدة النورانية لتعليم تلاوة القرآن الكريم)

    General Features:

    • Smart design
    • Clear and loud sound with built-in speakers and Headphone
    • Beautiful Pen with beatutifull Gift Packing
    • Includes Beautiful printed Holy Quran
    • Internal Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery
    • Travel friendly Universal AC Charger works in all voltage ranges (110-240volts). Has both flat and round pins.

    Product Specifications

    • 4 GB Flash Memory for additional storage of tafseers, recitations and MP3 files
    • Easy connect to PC through USB: connect pen to the PC for charging or copy data files
    • User-friendly device and user manual
    • High quality voice
    • Fast software: audio is played as soon as you point at the printed Holy Quran 


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     Spend More Time with Quran in Your Day

    Spend More Time with Quran Read Pen

    Get a Full Audio Islamic Library (Sahih Bukhari, Hajj and Umrah Guide, Qaida Noorania book, and Talking Dictionary book) + Quran (Text, 20 Audio Recitations, Translations in 26 Languages, ) at the price of 2 books only!

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    Reason 1 >> Our prices are the CHEAPEST! Moon-Tech is the manufacturer and exclusive distributor of Quran Read Pen and our price is unbeatable. Unbeatable Special Offer for the Quran Touch and Read Pen ($94.95 Dollars + EXPRESS Shipping).

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    03/04/2011, 08:20

    "JazakAllahu Khairan!Alhamdulilah the eAlim is a excellent product.May Allah s.w.t bless all that help put the it together and all those who gain from it Allah is able to do all things.thankn you once again"

    10/02/2010, 10:57

    "Masha'Allah, I am very happy with my e-alim and your help that you've given me.
    Now, I am able to practice reciting Quran while listening to and reading in transliteration/arabic with my fave recitor (Mishary).
    My husband very much likes the books provided in Arabic and as well as in English
    And, I really like that there's space on the sd card for all those neat little audios/videos Masha'Allah and that I can add more!

    Sirena M. (Calgary, Alberta, Canada)"

    02/12/2010, 17:09

    "Assalam alaikum;

    JazakAllahu khairan!! Your eAlim product is excellent! I'm surprised at how quickly it
    came even more so at how well the product works!! I will definitely recommend anyone who wants to enjoy listening to amazing Quranic recitations and/or read all types of Islamic books electronically to go to you. Thank you again!!!"

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